I’m Derek,
Web Developer

Performance-driven and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in leadership, web development, cloud engineering, project strategy, organizational support and staff management. I specialize in WordPress and Expression Engine development, while also offering hosting and consulting services. I’ve produced work for large companies, tech startups, nonprofits, small businesses, bloggers, and more. If you need a website, I’m your one stop shop! Check out my resume.
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Junior Web Developer
HTML / CSS / Javascript
PHP Developer
WordPress development


Senior Web Developer
Team lead in development
C# Developer
Ektron and Umbraco development


Manager of Web Development
Manage team of 10+ developers
JIRA Agile Project Management
Adopt agile process


Director of Systems Engineering
Direct Development and DevOps teams
Help teams rapidly and reliably deploy and innovate

Client Projects





SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website hosting and managed services

Amazon Web Services management

Social media engagement

Digital project management

Atlassian JIRA consulting


  • You’ll be surprised at how simple this is. Open up the file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf. The first thing you need to do is look for the directive: gzip on; Comment that out like so: #gzip on; Now add the following contents above the line you just commented......

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Let’s talk about your website or project. Send me a email at derek@derekhollis.com or fill out the form below and I’ll try to get back as quick as possible.